Ordained Minister in Memphis, TN

Ordained Minister in Memphis, TN

Pastor Terry Marr

Terry Marr is an ordained minister in Memphis, TN, and works to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. She and her husband, Bishop LC Marr, pastor the New Life Community Church in Memphis Tennessee and the New Life Worship Center in Batesville Mississippi.  In addition to pastoring, Terry is a Bible teacher, author, playwright, praise and worship leader, television host, conference speaker and stands in the office of Prophet.  Her unique way of teaching and ministering the word of God allows many to experience the intimacy and passion of the message of Jesus through the presence and power of His Holy Spirit.

Terry Marr Ministries has been launched from the sincere desire to see the people of God come into a more intimate and passionate relationship with God the Father.  After pastoring with her husband for so many years, Terry Marr became concerned that many of those in the Body of Christ are unable to relate to the expectations of the Father regarding who they are and the hope of their calling.

Terry had experienced the presence and power of the Holy Spirit from an early age and therefore became concerned when others were not able to hear the voice of God or realize the need for the person and presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Born to Christian parents, Terry was mentored and instructed in the things of God by her mother, yet found it strange that so many souls in the churches seem to be lacking that connection with Father God and their fellow co-laborers in Christ.  Her heart’s desire is to be able to direct others to their creative assignments and God-given purposes in the Kingdom via demonstration of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, Bible teachings, and practical application of the Word of God through open ministry to the people of the world and reliance on the provisions of the Father as we walk by faith and assurance in Him Alone.  Through the grace of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Terry has been blessed with the gifts of the Spirit including many visions, dreams, and supernatural encounters.  She shares these experiences in several books she has authored, in messages and sermons, and other media sources including the His Alone weekly television broadcast.

Terry and LC Marr have been married for 45 years and in ministry 35 years. They have two children both of which are married and actively participating in the ministry with their five grandchildren. Their ministry is non-denomination by design of God, and their belief is in the entirety of the Word of God. Terry’s husband, LC Marr, is ordained as an international Bishop in the International Communion of Charismatic Churches under Archbishop Kirby Clements.

Terry Marr is a registered nurse by profession with a degree of Master in the Science of Nursing and a degree of Master of Healthcare Administration from the University of Phoenix. She has authored eight books, written and directed six Christian based plays, and is the designated overseer of both ministries pioneered by her husband and herself. Her affiliations are with the International Community of Charismatic Churches (ICCC), The Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America (PCCNA), First Ladies Inc, By His Side Ministries, New Life Community Churches and most recently the owner and founder of Terry Marr Ministries.

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