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What is Terry Marr Ministries?

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Terry Marr Ministries is committed to helping listeners and visitors strengthen their relationships with God. The ministry in Memphis, TN, provides guidance and teaching, which empowers participants to rekindle their faith and see grace and the divine in their daily lives. Learn more about the Ministry and the founder to discover a different approach to learning about Christianity and Bible study.

The Ministry has beginnings with the founder, Terry Marr and her husband, Bishop L. C. Marr. Bishop Marr founded two ministries: the New Life Community Church in 1989. Later, he would establish the New Life Worship Center in Batesville, Mississippi.

Terry Marr Ministries got its start from Terry’s struggles. Life’s challenges informed Terry’s approach to God, Jesus Christ, and her faith. Based on these experiences--over the course of 28 years--Terry would build her ministry.

Terry reached out to God for healing. In return, she received many gifts from the Holy Spirit, including interpretations of dreams, faith visions, and prophecies. With the Holy Spirit as her guide, Terry has built a ministry based on cultivating a spiritual relationship with God. She invites you to join the community and build a relationship with God and one another.

Join the Worship Services and Bible Study

As followers of Christ, we are called to learn from His teachings and strengthen our understanding of the faith--both in word and deed. Terry encourages you to visit the worship center. Additionally, Terry hosts “In His Service” Classes that are Bible classes that encourage you to approach your relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit in a meaningful way.

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Testimonials for "In His Service Classes"

“I recommend the In His Service Classes to anyone wanting to have their spiritual gift stimulated, or their passion ignited to a deeper dimension than ever before. I believe I have grown tremendously in just four (4) sessions of these classes. Pastor Terry is truly and mightily used of God and has a unique way of breaking the Word of God down in such a way that anyone, in any walk of life or any level of their spiritual walk will become truly blessed. I am, truly, elated to say this experience has been absolutely amazing!” -P.M.

“This class has taught me many wonderful things. Since I have been the class I have found such a sense of peace and a deeper understanding of the things of God. My prayer life has grown by leaps and bounds. I have learned about how to be more effective in operating in the gifts God has entrusted to me. My prayer is I will become what God desires me to be in Him so I can do His perfect will. Pastor Terry is an excellent instructor. She is kind, understanding, and anointed of God. Truly a Woman of God equipped to carry the “Church” into the next dimension of ministry.” -S.O.

"The In His Service Classes have been an experience I will never forget. I was in a place in my life where I was not learning or growing in the spiritual things of God. Through these classes I am learning God’s purposes and reasons for my life and feel confident in being able to help my brothers and sisters in Christ. These classes has opened my understanding of the balance between the Word of God and the Spiritual gifts and how the Holy Spirit only performs the Word of God. I am learning the importance of time and seasons when it comes to the things of God. I have never heard the word of God explained in such a simplistic and effective way where I can understand it and therefore feel confident enough to minister what I have learned to others." -L.J.

"Through the In His Service Classes, I have learned how God wants us to know the power available to us through His Word and how through this knowledge we develop information capable of revealing God’s purpose and will for our lives. This experience has been life changing for me after coming from an abusive ministry. God has now assured me that I am in a safe place. I thank God for our instructors Pastor Terry and Bishop L.C. Marr because they carry the fruit of the spirit which is of God Himself." -L.

"The In His Service Classes have been a blessing to me. I am hesitant to call these sessions “classes” because to do so would suggest they are arduous when instead they are timely, informative and exciting. I have learned so much about God’s love for His children. I feel these classes should be called “In His Presence” because His presence and power are evident as the Holy Spirit teaches us through our instructors Pastor Terry and Bishop L.C. Marr. This course is a must for those desiring to serve the Lord with gladness." -S.L.

"These classes are the most educational and spiritually edifying I have ever attended. I have been able to hear testimonies of other classmates comparing them with my own and this allows me to understand how much Our Father loves and cares for us. I now understand how God is ready to raise us up to be the mighty army He desires in times such as these. If you are like me and feel you are all alone in this fight, these classes will allow you to understand how we are all part of God’s Big Picture. These classes allowed me to appreciate how the God of all Creation brings all of us together in one place to share our stories of His healing, salvation and delivering power. I have never felt so loved and liberated. Thank You Jesus for these classes and such wonderful Teachers!" -G.B.

"When I first came to class I felt so insignificant compared to the experiences and knowledge of the others, but before long I realized this was just the place God wanted me to be. I have learned so much about the ways and acts of God and now I can’t wait to be alone with God so I can get to know Him more intimately. With all my heart, I want to know God’s thoughts of me and my hunger and thirst for Him is stronger than ever. I don’t want to go one more day without realizing everything He has designed for me to operate in. If you can relate to this post and want to know more about Our Father God, you need these classes." -B.F.

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