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Help Terry Marr Ministries spread the Word further by contributing to our efforts with a financial donation. You can donate to our Christian organization in Memphis, TN, from anywhere via the button on this page. We’re also accepting donations on Cash App; contact us for details. You’re also invited to purchase Terry Marr’s book “Searching the Depth of God” to help support our mission and learn more about deepening your relationship with God.

Your financial support will help us broaden the scale and scope of our ministries and bring Bible teachings into more lives. If you have any questions about donating, please reach out to us today.

Committed to Spreading His Word

As followers of Christ, we’re dedicating to sharing the Holy Word both inside and outside of worship centers to reach more people. Our ministry work includes both guiding believers to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bible and witnessing to those who do not yet believe or have strayed from the flock.

Whether you’ve been moved by our work or you share our missions, we welcome your donation. The more financial resources we have, the more lives we can touch by sharing the love of God.

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