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Searching for God in Memphis, TN

Come with me as we go on an extraordinary journey searching for God in Memphis, TN. We serve an intimate God who wants to communicate his love and affection to us, his children. Are you ready?

Our ministry is a member of the Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America.

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The His Alone Broadcast

The His Alone broadcast is a five days a week 30-minute bible study with Pastor Terry Marr. In these teachings, she shares the word of God in a unique one on one format while interjecting her personal experiences with the Holy Spirit. You are invited to experience the Love of God come alive as she ministers truth, peace and restoration in Jesus Christ. Through these teachings, many have come to know their higher purposes in God as the Holy Spirit satisfies their hunger and thirst for knowledge and revelation in the things of God.

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Worship Leader in Memphis, TN

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