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At Terry Marr Ministries, we are dedicated to working with followers of Christ to perfect their gifts. Led by a knowledgeable, gifted, and spiritual pastor, we work tirelessly in His honor, spreading His work and gathering His sheep unto Him. If you wish to learn more, we urge you to contact us today.

Terry Marr Ministries Presents
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(2019 Schedule)

Please Read This Information Carefully As Some Details Have Changed.

Bible Classes - Memphis, TN

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(On Ground Classes)

Upcoming 2019 classes will be held:

August 5, 9 12, 16, 19, 23, 26, and 30

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Terry Marr Ministries is dedicated to assisting the Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ in developing a greater, long-lasting relationship with God through Bible classes, spiritual books, and Sunday worship in Memphis, TN. These Bible classes are geared to increase your faith in the God-given gifts, callings, and destinies you have embarked upon for the ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When searching for God, the more you know and understand the reason for the gifts and callings, the better you can walk in the God-given authority that accompanies them.

If they truly have an open heart and a mind open to learning, those who attend our classes will find great comfort, wisdom, and knowledge here among us. Through our spiritual ministries, we are committed to spreading Christ’s love with those open to hearing His word, and we work hard to ensure those who have been gifted by Him use their talents well.

How often and How long are the classes?

The on-campus class meets twice a week on Monday and Friday evenings. Each student is expected to attend all classes before obtaining his/her certificate of completion. If an emergency arises, audiotapes for the missed sessions will be made available. On the ground, Classes are twice a week on Monday and Friday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Please check the dates above for any deviation from this schedule.

Where are the classes being held?

The classes are held at the New Life Community Church 552 East Holmes Road in Memphis Tennessee.

Who are the instructors?

Each class is taught by Apostle, Pastor, and Teacher Terry Marr.

How Do I Apply?

Each person is asked to apply for acceptance by submitting in writing their name, address, and phone number along with his/her reason for wanting to attend the classes. The applicant should also state his/her expectations for the class and how they would like to use the information for future endeavors. Upon reviewing each application, the applicant will be contacted regarding acceptance and the cost of sessions.

Who Can Apply?

The classes are geared to enhance the understanding of those already walking in the gifts and callings of the Lord as well as those who have not yet come into the knowledge of what God is trying to complete within them. We do ask that each applicant have a working knowledge of the basics of the Word of God and be a Believer in the Finished Work of the Lord Jesus Christ. These classes are not just for the gifted, but for the parents and spouses of those seeking to understand the passion behind the gifts. The more you understand the gifts and callings given to the people of God the better equipped you are to assist them as they strive for the high calling that leads to a deeper experience in God. We also encourage pastors and those in ministry to attend so they may more easily recognize those in their congregations who have a special anointing and calling upon their lives so they may assist, instruct and encourage them according to the scriptures.

At Terry Marr Ministries, we would like to encourage anyone with any interest at all to apply to join us in these meetings and classes. The Lord seeks out those from all walks of life, and we aim to cultivate his Church here on Earth to the best of our ability. The gifts He bestows are not to be taken lightly, and our Bible teacher looks forward to cultivating the talents that have been granted unto you.

What is the Cost for the Classes?

There is a registration donation required which includes the workbook, hand-outs, and practical sessions. CDs, books, and other TMM products may be purchased separately. This will be discussed upon my initial discussion with you.

How Large are the Classes?

For us to maintain the intimacy and sensitivity of the material we will be sharing we have opted to keep the classes small. This allows for one on one interaction between the students and the instructors.

What can I expect from this course?

We will share with you proven principles from the Word of God pertinent to your completing your God-given assignments. You will glean from the experiences and testimonies of others who have been through supernatural encounters and can minister and relate to you where you are or where you may be headed. The information is biblically based and repeatable. We are not here to preach to you, but we will stimulate your passion for the Lord Jesus allowing you to go home and search the scriptures in a way you did not know was possible. Our desire is for you to leave these sessions with an increased desire to walk in everything God has entrusted to you knowing God’s Expectations of You are Great!

His Service consists of eight modules designed to equip the believer with the necessary tools to walk in the God-given gifts and callings distributed to each of us by the Holy Spirit of God. Each student must take his or her commitment to this challenge seriously for it is not the instructor who has orchestrated these meetings but the mandate of God for a time such as this. These classes may be geared toward you but they are not necessarily for you alone. Our Father God is a God of purpose and every move on His proverbial chess board is strategic, therefore what you receive in these classes must be shared with those God has already ordained and designated for you to pour into.

The following topics will be discussed during these sessions:

Session One

Acknowledgement of gifts and callings from childhood to present

Session Two

The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

(The balance between Divine Revelation and Practical Application)

Session Three

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Session Four

The five-fold ministry of the church of Jesus Christ

(Knowledge of the Word of God)

Session Five

The Realm of the Spirit – Seen and Unseen

(Angelic and Demonic manifestations)

Session Six

The Ministry of the Fruit of the Spirit

Session Seven

Walking in Purpose (Knowing the Voice of God)

Session Eight

Demonstrations in the Gifts, Acts and Callings of the Holy Spirit

Choosing a Loving Christian Organization in Memphis, TN

God’s loving church has many purposes, such as worship, evangelism, edification, and community concern. To evangelize means to tell others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what He has done. Matthew 28:19 provides the instruction to spread the gospel. This means that churches need to be involved in some sort of evangelism, reaching out to non-Christians with the truth of Christ.

Any ordained minister can tell you that another purpose of a church or a loving Christian organization in Memphis, TN, is to edify Christians. “To edify” means to build up, improve, equip, encourage, or support. Fellowship, or gathering together with other believers, as in attending church, is a crucial way to be edified as a Christian. We can also be edified by teachings and lessons in sermons or Bible study.

Another purpose of loving churches and Christian organizations is social or community concern. This means we don’t just spend all our time in worship or evangelizing without humanitarian concern. While worship, evangelism, and edification are important for the church, it’s also crucial to go out into the world and do positive works to help others, just as Christ called us to do (as we are asked in Matthew 25:35-36). Social and community concern was a key part of the early Christian church and has continued to be a central part of Christianity.


For more information call us:

New Life Community Church 901-344-8817
Terry Marr Ministries 901-602-3811

Contact Terry Marr Ministries today to learn more about our spiritual classes in Memphis, TN. We are dedicated to furthering the gifts God has given you.


Our healing lies in our ability to put others ahead of ourselves. The bible teaches us when we pray, say, “Our Father . . Give Us this day . . . Lead Us not into temptation.” These prayers include others in the same predicament or condition as ourselves therefore the prayer becomes all-inclusive. As we sow healing into others, we receive healing ourselves.

Spiritual Guidance - Memphis, TN

Sunday Worship - Memphis, TN

Faith To Believe

Lord, open our eyes and help us not to be deceived. Don’t allow us to be tossed about by the words we hear and the distraction that cloud our thoughts. Help us remember who we are in You. Save us from our imaginations and our emotions. Help us to love again and agree with You in all things.

What Happens When I Die?

The Bible helps us to understand that natural death is inevitable and is the cessation of a temporary existence on this earth, but the beginning of eternal life with Christ Jesus our Lord. Earthly accumulations on this earth will perish, crumble and eventually fall into the hands of others, but our eternal spirit and soul will find the true meaning of hope, love, peace, and joy with our Father God forever. Therefore, let us live each day to the fullest as we walk in purpose and humility with all men.

Bible Teachings - Memphis, TN

Praying for Forgiveness

Can I Be Forgiven?

According to the Bible, every one of us has sinned and fall short of the expectations of God, but that is not so we can be condemned. God knows we live in a world of temptations, trials, and tribulations; therefore He has made a way for us all to be delivered and forgiven of all our wrongdoings. That Way is through His Son Jesus the Christ. Take this moment now and ask Jesus to come into your life and forgive you of your sins. He is as close to you as the air you breathe.

What To Do While Waiting For God to Move?

As hard as it may be for you to believe this, Our God can answer prayer before it is even spoken. What we must remember is there is a time and season for everything under the sun. Your request may not be denied, just delayed. The delay is determined by what Our Father has in mind. We belong to Him. All things work together for our good and are given to us according to the purposes of God. In the wait, we must choose to trust in God’s timing and provision and know He is working out all things for our good.

Praying Hands & Bible

Man Praying

Teach Me How To Pray

Lord, open our eyes. Let us see and experience the good in our fellow man. Help us not to assume the worst in each other. Let us show mercy and forgiveness, even when it seems to allude to us. Let us be slow to anger and quick to understand and assist. Teach us how to tear down paranoid barriers of hate and deceit and build relationships based on truth and long-suffering. Let us examine ourselves before we judge others. Help us to be quick to repent as we turn to you again.

When I Can’t Move Forward

Don’t you dare give up! If there is breath in your body, there is hope for you in Christ. Your worth is not based on what others say about you, but on what Christ did for you. Don’t base your relationship with Christ on what others have told you about Him. Get to know Him for yourself. His death for you was temporary, so His life in you can last throughout eternity. You are so worth the Love of God!

Cross in Hand


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Keep Them From the Evil

Keep them from the Evil will awaken your senses to why we have to go through the test and trials of life and are expected not only to endure but to thrive. If you are like me, I thought after learning the Lord's Prayer in the Bible, I had received a free pass to fun in the sun and rides on the celestial clouds. As I have grown in the things of God, I know when Jesus declared he would "keep them from evil," he was telling us to get ready for some of the most extreme times in our lives. We are not to look for a free pass from all the conflict in the world, or even from the raging storms within our very souls, but we are to look to the "hills from where our help comes from." Father God has equipped us with everything we need to overcome the world as the mighty sons of God he has intended. To accomplish this, we must prepare ourselves inside and out to withstand the struggles that befall us and having done all to "stand."

Dream Visions

In your walk with God, you may have experienced a vision or dream designed to instruct or warn you of things to come. The Bible tells us to expect such experiences and to write them down for future reference. As a visionary, I have experienced both with frequency. Recently, I was made privy to what I have come to know as dream visions. These encounters with the Holy Spirit allow us to travel through space, in and out of time as He teaches us who we are in Christ.

During these encounters, we experience the transcendence of Father God. In this state, we discover the hidden mysteries of God’s expectations of us and how Christ must take us through the refiner’s fire to present us as the long-awaited sons all creations long to behold.

As you read this book, you will understand how many of the things we experience during these times of training are mysteriously locked away in our spirits until the time of unveiling by the Lord. Come with me on this spirit-natural journey known as dream-visions as we experience God in a way we never dreamt possible.

When He Shall Appear, Book Cover

One evening during my prayer time, I found myself thinking about the many patients I have had the opportunity to be with as they made their transition into eternity. As a retired registered nurse and as a pastor, I have held the hands of many, young and old, as they stepped into eternity. At the end of these journeys, I have witnessed mixed emotions—from ambivalence and uncertainty to unimaginable fear—as they crossed over into uncertainty and darkness. Still, others seem to embrace the experience as a peaceful and blissful crossing over into the light of His presence, as they finally get to behold His face. Like many of you, I have heard many talks about the rapture of the church and the Second Coming of Jesus as the premier event for all to behold his face. But what about the many who cross over every day? In this book, you will understand that every day we have the opportunity to have Jesus appear to each of us. No, not as a character in the Bible but as a living Savior who has always been by our side. You will find Him in the face of a child, in the touch of a friend, or the song of a cool breeze, He is everywhere you find true love, joy, and peace. Yes, that’s where He will appear. And the more you embrace these moments the more you will find yourself becoming like Him, for it is then you will see Him as He is.

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God's Expectations of Us Are Great!

As children of God we have great expectations of our Father God, but are you aware his expectations of you are just as great? We have not been sent to the planet as spectators but as participants. Father God has initiated an eternal plan for which we have a leading role in accomplishing. The incident in the Garden of Eden was not to be viewed as the “fall of man” but as the “becoming of the sons of God.” Our job is to help restore the righteous rule of our Father God to the earth. We accomplish this by walking in the dominion stolen from mankind by the deceiver known as Satan. Satan may have started this fight, but we, the children of God under the direction of our Lord Jesus Christ, are here to finish it with a victorious end. Everything that was stolen from the children of God is now ready to be restored as we take our place in this mighty army of God and follow the lead of our majestic Savior Jesus Christ. In this book, we will learn how to utilize every gift and tool given us by the Holy Spirit of God, and how to walk in the power of the Word. We cannot be fearful, but willing to face every obstacle set before us as we look to the Father God, whose expectations of us are great!

-Terry Marr

Searching the Depths of God

Terry Marr’s relationship with God is an intensely personal and dynamic one. In turn, she has ministered to others in the same loving and personal way. As you read this book, you will experience the presence of God surround you as the Holy Spirit gently guides you through the scriptures and into your divine destiny with your Heavenly Father. Through her own personal experiences, Terry Marr leads the Believer through an incredible journey of magnificent supernatural encounters in her life where the holy presence and power of God were undoubtedly evident. She also offers scriptural references and colorful anecdotes to assist Believers in recognizing the awesome power of God in their own lives so they can ultimately understand their assignments and purposes in the Kingdom of God.

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